Can't Afford to Post Bail Yourself?

Can't Afford to Post Bail Yourself?

Call Able Bail Bonds in the Tri-Cities area

Able Bail Bonds, Inc. helps clients post felony bail bonds in Yakima, Kennewick & Richland, WA and the surrounding Tri-Cities area. You pay us a 10% fee, and we'll secure the remaining amount through collateral. You'll then be released from jail on the condition you return at the time of your hearing.

Immigration bail bonds are available for non-citizens. Able Bail Bonds offers a free referral service for immigration bonds.

Are you facing charges in another state? We can handle state-to-state transfers and federal bonds.

We'll help you post bail quickly. Call us at (509) 734-1520 to learn more about how we can assist with local and national bail bonds. Se habla Español.

We offer state and national bail bonds

Many felony bail bonds require large amounts of cash. If you don't have the money to post a cash bond, call on Able Bail Bonds.

Your bail options include:

  • Cash bonds: You pay your bond in cash.
  • Federal bonds: You make a transaction directly through the court.
  • Appeal bonds: You can post bond while awaiting an appeal decision.
  • Signature bonds: You sign a promise to appear in court in lieu of making a payment.
We offer affordable payment plans to help you post bail ASAP.

Able Bail Bonds is standing by 24/7 to help you get local and national bail bonds. Call us at our office immediately.