You Have a Right to Bail

You Have a Right to Bail

We'll help you post bail in the Yakima, Kennewick, Richland, WA and Tri-Cities area

If you are legally detained, you have a right to request bail. Able Bail Bonds makes posting bail easy. You were placed in custody to ensure that you make your trial date. By posting your bail, Able Bail Bonds, Inc. is promising the court that you'll arrive at your hearing on the day and time specified.

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What are the penalties for jumping bail?

Just as you have a right to bail, Able Bail Bonds has the right, and the obligation, to make sure you show up for your hearing. If you don't, you become a fugitive, and we can authorize a bounty hunter to locate and seize you.

According to the Supreme Court ruling in Taylor v. Taintor, a bail bondsman or an authorized bounty hunter can legally:

  • Pursue you across state lines
  • Break and enter your home unannounced
  • Restrain you and transport you to authorities
As you can see, jumping bail is a serious legal offense. Help us help you by talking to a bail bondsman located in Kennewick, WA who serves all of the Yakima, Richland, WA and Tri-Cities area today.